Food thickening agent which does not increase intestinal gas

Food lovers have to find out of the facts of the ingredients that are used in dairy and meaty products before carrageenandeciding to stop using them. Meat lovers are now showing hesitation to use products that have food thickening agents since there was a scary article written by a leading environment doctor who states about the ill-effects of using products that have food thickening agents. But final research which was made by leading experts concluded that food-grade stabilizing agents are safe for humans and will not cause any sorts of problems. But when food additives have non-food grade thickening agents then it may prove harmful. Generally sea mosses that are extracted from red seaweed for commercial purposes are harmless. Food manufacturers those who use food thickeners import tons of world class seaweed from the waters of Atlantic and other freshwaters and use it in best possible methods. So, leading food authorities state that people can happily use the products that have natural food thickeners.

Thickener that is extracted from backwaters of rich seas

It is imperative to note that carrageenan is a wonderful extract which is used by companies for stabilization, thickening and gelation. Red seaweed is grown abundantly even in eastern countries and are exported throughout the world. These seaweed extracts are used in several countries for the past several decades and is a time-tested product which derived from natural waters. This carrageenan is used in products such as custards, cheese, meats and other healthy protein drinks. This world class seaweed is also used as an effective lubricant during sex and also used as anti-microbial. Chemical based seaweeds may pose dangers to the human but extracts like this will not spoil the organs of the human and will only improve the functions of the abdominal organs. It is worth to note that this seaweed extract is also used as an ingredient in toothpaste.